Here we go!

Okey first of all, i got some complaints about that im just writing in swedish. Well the number one reason for that is that its nice to just write without thinking so much about the language (even if I sometimes even express myself in a wrong way in swedish) but also because  i thought mostly of my readers were from Sweden. I still think they are but i am also getting some new ones here from the U.S so i might start to write more in english too.I will however dont see this like a eassy or a school project that i will look over for spelling mistakes and sentene structure so you all have to be okey with that and take it as it is. I will write directly from my mind and keep it in a formal way and hopefully both my swedish and my american readers can understand what i am saying. 
So...Today was a long day. I started with class this morning at 9am and didnt come back until 9.30 pm. I had my discussion class for education this morning and as usual, we were just talking about random things and wasnt too bad at all. After that i had a meeting with my discussion leader ( a mandatory thing) and then i headed to Acosta the rehab center. Acosta is actually not the place where im doing my rehab right now because i do it during practise now, but its a place for treatment and I also do some running on the treadmill and foam rolling in there. I can now tell you guys that i was running on a treadmill called Alter G (basically it a treadmill with air, like some kind of gravitational force) for the first time last week and it felt good. I started to run with 85% of my body weight and today i was running with 95%. So im getting there, the progress is very slow but i can definitely see improvements.
So after 3 hours of practise i did some extra lifting and rehab, got some food and then i was just chillin in the locker room for a bit. Because at 6.30 all the athlete freshmen had a meeting together called John Wooden Academy. Hopefully some of my swedish readers know who he is but here, everybody knows who he is. John Wooden is such a famous man that really inspired people with his wisdom and founding of the Pyramid of Success. It was actually really intresting to hear about his life and we will countinue this "meetings" about what he have done and about leadership and how to achieve success next quarter.
Today we also finished our last practise here in Pauly before or first game that it's on friday!  We are leaving early in the morning tomorrow  for playing Nebraska in Nebraska on friday. It's our first game of the year, my first game as a UCLA player and its my first travel with the team. We also got some new gear today so can it be more exciting? I dont think so, even if im playing i am really looking forward to start this season. Have to wake up at 5.30 though so have to go to sleep now. 
Sleep well people! 

Postat av: Moster / aunti Maggan

I just say: nice and you GO girl Go!

2013-11-07 @ 10:39:33
Postat av: Sassa

Men Palle.......hur ska farmor kunna läsa detta????? hihihihi
Får lära henne google översättning!

2013-11-07 @ 11:21:44
Postat av: kitt

lycka till i Nebraska det låter långt bort som i Alaska.kram

2013-11-08 @ 19:28:52

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