These days

Heey everybody!

Its been a while now again but i will update you with what's going on.
Dagarna rullar på och trots att vi typ varit lediga från skolan ett par extra dagar nu så är det fullt upp känns det som. Händer olika små/stora saker varje dag så lättast att förklara är allt via bilder. 
If I will become fat here in the U.S it will be because of this, this must be one of the most delicious things I ever triend. Its basically a warm brownie with chocolate ice cream, fugde, (yea i'm addicted to chocolate), whipped cream and nuts. Do i even have to say more?
Met Richard Simmons at the airport on our way to our first game in Nebraska!
First game at Nebraska 
Another perspective of LA
We were at girltopia and met a lot of young ladies. Took a lot of photos, signed autograpfs and played some basketball with all the girls. 
This middle person remind us all about Savanna haha
Had our first home game today and we all injured players decided to dress up today. We got the win today and next game is in a week. 


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