My biggest fear

First of all i want to thank you guys for all your support about my posts here on my blog. Im glad you like it and i have also got requests about to write in enligsh. I guess my readers still mostly are swedish so i gonna keep writing in swedish but i will try to be better to write something little in english too and today is definitely a day for that.
We started our first full team practise this week and the ladies have been working really hard. Me, Rhema, partly Dom and Kari have been on the side of the court because we have all injuries to deal with. Today we got one more...Today Kacy torn her ACL and little more than a week ago Kari torn it. This makes me so sad and so upset. I really dont understand why or how this can happen to all of us. These girls were in like their best shape ever but it still happened to them. I dont know what to say, this just makes me so upset and makes me even more scared about my own knees. You put down so much work with rehab and it's such a long process to get back on court mentally and physically and you can never guarantee that it will not happen again.
We all play basketball beacuse that is our passion and because we love it and i just wish our bodies were made for it in the same way. 
I know both me and these wonderful girls will get through this but i have the last week actually seen these girls with my own eyes, torn their ACLs and it really makes me sad.
Tillbaka till svenska. Föredrar svenska men är ganska säker alla mina svenska läsare även förstår detta ovan på engelska (ACL = korsband). Det är verkligen helt sjukt hur många korsbandskador jag varit med om och varit omkring nu mina tre senaste år...Detta får mig allt vilja rehaba lääänge lääänge till samtidigt som min högsta önska skulle vara att kunna spela basket imorgon. 

Det var allt för mig idag...Utöver träning var jag idag tvungen att gå upp 5.30 idag för att doping testas. Hela lag testades och kändes ju sådär att gå runt och hålla sin kopp med sitt kiss framför hela basketlaget/andra spoter men we all had to do it! 
Take care!

Postat av: Ina

Oh, I am so sad too about this, why does this happen so often?all theese ACL injuries are crazy :(

2013-10-03 @ 22:15:59

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